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Tina Fringe Sandals Christian Louboutin’s Short

So, I still can’t see myself indulging in this particular trend; not even when Mr. Louboutin is playing in the fringe arena. Maybe there is a particular age-range and geographic area where one can most Jimmy Choo  Shoes successfully carry off the whole fringe look … Methinks my particular chunk of Small-town America doesn’t really fit the bill. Plus, there’s that fine line with fringe that can quickly turn from playful to outright stripper-licious.


As for today’s ‘Fringe-tastic’ footwear; take a look at this Louboutin offering worthy of any Solid Gold dancer:


Wait. You don’t know or remember Solid Gold?


Here, watch these videos Jimmy Choo  Sandals

I can’t help noticing (mainly due to their near-ubiquitous inclusion at just about every shoe retailer) that fringed shoes, boots, and sandals are still holding strong as a fashion trend. This particular footwear trend has had more strength than I might have expected – or hoped for. However, having experienced the fringed-shoe trend at least once before, I find myself even less likely to embrace it this second time around than I was back in the days when MTV still played videos.

I like this pairs of shoes very much.

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